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Make, Sew and Mend by Bernadette Banner

Make, Sew and Mend by Bernadette Banner

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Historical fashion icon Bernadette Banner has compiled the best, most effective historic sewing techniques for altering, restoring and maintaining your wardrobe for sustainable slow fashion.

Over 1 million subscribers return to Bernadette Banner’s popular YouTube channel for Victorian and Edwardian garment profiles, reconstructions and history lessons. Make, Sew and Mend is infused with her charming, informative voice to teach readers how to use historically proven sewing techniques to hem skirts, patch holes and sew gussets to add space to garments.

As people learn the environmental and economic toll of fast fashion, they are turning toward more sustainable fashion practices like mending. From running and herringbone stitches to basting, pleats and buttonholes, Bernadette breaks down techniques with step-by-step photos to show people with any level of sewing skill how to achieve the most lasting results for every stitch.

Whether readers are looking build and maintain a vintage wardrobe or merely want to phase out fast fashion in favor of more sustainable practices, Bernadette has the basics covered for every kind of seamster.

200 pages; Paperback; Page Street Publishing 

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