About Me

What initially started out as a way to keep my hands occupied during class quickly turned into a way of life. For most of my adult life, knitting has been a means of building community, stress relief, and income.  

I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for graduate school in 2005. My studies kept me very busy – and also very lonely.. I wandered into my local yarn shop, or LYS, and found a group of people who became my teachers and my friends. I tried moving away to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010, but I didn’t even last 9 months before jumping on the first job transfer back to Albuquerque I could, and I never want to leave again. I dabbled in knitwear design here and there, but in 2017 I realized that the thing I loved the most about knitwear design was the math.  I took a course in knitting technical editing and now I am privileged to tech edit and grade for an excellent group of designers.

While the past few years of staying home and social distancing have inspired many people to discover – or rediscover – hobbies such as knitting, many are also experiencing newfound loneliness.  My goal for Practical Stitchcraft is to help people new to fiber arts find the same joy and human connection I did when I walked into my LYS all those years ago, especially for those who may be shy about taking those first steps.  Whether you shop at Michaels, your local LYS, or online, I am here to help open the door to that community. I also hope to use my business to highlight the diversity in our fiber arts community – to help break down barriers, build bridges, and create more equitable and fair opportunities for makers of all kinds. 

Fiber arts may no longer be an everyday craft, but the skills are far from lost. Whether you’re brand-new and looking to learn about the art of stitchcraft, or you’re an experienced designer seeking technical editing or size-inclusive garment grading services, someone looking to learn to knit, or would like to see something added to our store please find the contact page on menu and shoot me a message!

If you'd like to support my dream to build a LYS here in Albuquerque, NM please consider taking a class, purchasing from my shop, joining us for Stitchcrafting Events (which are completely FREE to the public).

If you would like to speed things on a bit feel free to donate to my Ko-Fi page: